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"The relative merit of any safety device is entirely dependent upon your point of view."

The original idea for this film came from a brainstorming session between the director (Matthew M. Cribben) and myself about what would be the weirdest thing that could happen in a cemetery (we thought a cemetery would be an easy location to shoot in since they tend to be quiet and isolated). Ironically after getting feedback on the initial draft of the story we decided to completely change the location.

The film was shot on Mini-DV using an inexpensive consumer-grade 1-chip camera (JVC DVL220U) using only natural light. The location is a city-owned bandstand, which just happened to be covered by the permission we originally obtained to shoot in a city cemetery. All audio was built-up during post-production since nothing could easily be recorded on-location. The bulk of the film was shot on a Saturday morning over the course of about three hours, with one shot being filmed at a different time due to the availability of a prop.

In the original story we relied a lot more on clues and subtext to explain what was going on, building up to the climax and revelation in a more gradual way. After trying to "tell" this original version to several different people we realized that it was hard to understand unless you knew what was going on in advance and that we'd have to adopt a more direct approach if we wanted total strangers to follow the story. The change in location was also a result of this review process.

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"Some nights you review films on Triggerstreet and you get nothing but shlock. Well intended shlock but shlock all the same. Tonight is a rarity in that most of the films I've seen tonight I enjoyed, and here's one more#" - Elmer Lang

"I really enjoyed the twist at the end. It happened just when I was beginning to think the payoff wasn't going to be enough." - Martin Vanderhof

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